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“What is the best snus” is tantamount to asking a class of second graders whose mother is the best.

Virtually every brand of snus has users who believe it’s the finest in the whole wide world. There are a few varieties which I don’t believe anyone thinks are best. Typically, these are value priced and used during financially troublesome times, although some inexpensive brands are outstanding. Another cause, in some locations only a few varieties are acquirable or lawful; consequently, they’re everyone’s favorite.

Last but certainly not least is free snus, professional snusers will accept nearly any if they don’t have to pay, use it and be happy. Although, there are exceptions to this rule most are too stupid to explain. I’ve given some away because it tasted like pine cones, but the receiver really liked it a lot. This brings us back full circle to rule number-one, for every snus someone thinks it’s the best.

Swedish Match ceased production of Nick and Johnny Loose, which was my favorite and I still have not forgiven them. It’s unimaginable to me how such a good snus could sell so bad as to get discontinued.

I am going to do what any good snuser would do, tell you my version of “the best snus.” Of brands, which are currently, manufactured, I am split, between General Extra Strong Loose and Skruf Strong Loose.

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